Prevent Heat Illness
in Construction

Train your people.
Prepare your jobsites.
Prevent OSHA fines.

Are your employees prepared for months of working in extreme heat?
High heat conditions can slow productivity, increase worker errors, and be deadly!

Let Us Train Your Workers On:

Know how to prevent heat-related illnesses

Being prepared to work in high-heat environments

Understand the warning signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses

The warning signs of heat illness

Take action when you have signs of heat stress or illness

Taking action to prevent an emergency

Our Heat Illness Prevention Package makes it easy to train your entire company AND be prepared for an OSHA visit, for one low price.

We provide you with everything you need . . . except water and shade!

Why Do You Need This?

In addition to helping you protect your workers and prepare for OSHA, we designed this package to help you increase productivity and reduce mental errors by training your employees on:

This entire package was designed by a former OSHA professional to help you be in compliance with OSHA’s National Emphasis Program (NEP) on Heat-Related Hazards.

This NEP specifically targets construction and many other industries and can result in a General Duty Clause violation (which can be $7,000 – $15,625 depending on where you are in the US).

What will you get?

How the program appears in any device

Video based (11 minutes) and can be easily sent to everyone’s computer, phone, or tablet.

Can be printed and signed or filled out electronically.

Designed to boost retention of the training.

Professionally designed to protect your people and meet OSHA requirements.

Bonus #1:

(2) video based toolbox talks with attendance record.

Bonus #2:

Heat Illness Prevention poster (pdf), so you can print and post as many as you want!

We are here for you!  If you have any questions, concerns, or difficulties – we will do all we can to help. 

Risk-Free Guarantee – We stand behind what we do.  If you are not satisfied, we have a 60-day Risk-Free (and no hassle) Guarantee.

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Do you have questions?

We have placed everything in one convenient pdf file that contains the links to all the package contents.

You can download these items individually and send them to your employees or send them the entire pdf for them to access as needed.

  • Provide the training video to your employees, have them sign the attendance record, and keep it on file
  • Incorporate the written Heat Illness Prevention program into your safety and health manual
  • Provide the toolbox talks to the crews to boost training retention and engagement
  • Hang the poster where employees can be reminded of the training content

When you click the “Video Link” button in the pdf file,  you will be redirected to a private browser where you can watch the video.