Rome was not built in one day.

This is what we all inspire. To have a vision of what we are building and work towards its accomplishment persistently. Here at [eSP] that means building out our core offerings to help you manage people and safety more effectively.


We are creating a hybrid method of training that will allow for on-demand and live training. This will not be the boring old, outdated talking over-a-side type of training! 

Our training is intended to meet the 3 E’s – Educate, Entertain, Engage. The initial focus of our training will be to address the need for new hire orientation and basic safety awareness. This includes how to navigate all this technology and understand that for decades of their career – safety was never “a thing.”


We are creating a basic but beautiful Safety & Health Manual. Our focus is beauty and brevity in design and content. After the basics are covered, we built it out into a robust manual that is updated annually and adaptable to meet your need.


Every one of us can benefit from a stronger network. This community platform we created is designed to help your company communicate more effectively internally in private and have access to public forums and mastermind groups to facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

Let's Put Safety to Work.

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We will be rolling out this construction industry focused training solution soon!