"Oh, $#%?! It's OSHA!"

Been there. Said that. I also heard it many, many times.

Every so often, it comes through loud and clear just by the look on someone’s face. And sometimes it comes over the Nextel (remember those??) with a loud chirp and a “Hey, is that $@&$ing OSHA guy still here?”  True story. Yes, I was the $@&$ing OSHA guy in this scenario.

I get it. OSHA has the power to fine you and potentially shut the job down (although that’s very rare) – consider that one I should add to the list! Most won’t admit this fear- instead, it comes out as frustration, anger, or jumping in the truck and taking off at the slightest sign of a government vehicle.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Roughly 30% of companies that get inspected by OSHA get citations. (Yep, add that to the list and explain what citation is.)

I like to put together a way to help the person managing safety (possibly you), the field managers, and the workers know what to do to “survive” an OSHA visit. Some top items on my list are:

OSHA Citation

Why are they here?

Help explain why OSHA might show up at your job.

What do you have to worry about?

Help pinpoint significant items to focus on how to avoid serious violations (aka, fines).

What's going to happen?

Help explain the process and do a sample inspection walkthrough.

These are 3. I have a few more. But I'd rather hear what you have to say.

Leave your comments below. Ready, go!


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This information, whether in written form, video, in comments, or conveyed in any other way, is in no way meant to imply that we represent OSHA or any state OSHA plan, that we know exactly what the specifics are of their procedures, or that you will not receive any citations or monetary penalties if they inspect your establishment.