Drill Rig

This two-minute video shows how to signal for your drill rig operator.  Signal along with the video to help remember the hand signals. Remember –…

Changing Pump Rotation

Disconnect the box from the power source before opening up the cover. Keep plug ends out of the mud and water.


Common problems and how to troubleshoot them safely. These include having a bad connection and a bad pump.

Visual Inspection of the System

A quick visual inspection is important to help protect you from contacting damaged electrical equipment while it is energized.

Checking Source Power

Using a non-contact voltage tester to safely check for power coming in from the source.

Amp Check

Proper arc flash-rated PPE is worn prior to checking the energized box for the proper amperage. When in doubt, call the shop.

How to Inspect Insulated Tools and PPE

Proper inspection of insulated tools and PPE prior to use. Demonstration of PPE that is required to be worn prior to working on energized electrical…