What is [ESP]?

[ESP] – Effective Safety Pro is here to revolutionize how construction companies manage safety.

We educate and empower today’s hard-working contractors to be tomorrow’s industry leaders. We combine the trust of working with a proven safety professional with the convenience of a mobile device. 

Our focus is on helping contractors see safety as a long-term investment. This investment helps prevent loss due to severe injuries, OSHA fines, and increased insurance costs while reaping the dividends of attracting better workers, keeping current workers healthier longer, and increasing customer satisfaction.

I’m just trying to provide today’s construction workers with something that my family, friends, or I never had when we started working construction - a way to understand safety and how it can benefit everyone.

[ESP] Founder

What makes [ESP] different?

Effective Safety Pro knows what you need to help protect your people, be in compliance with OSHA, and invest in safety.

[ESP] Makes Safety

Harness the power of trust and convenience to revolutionize safety within your company.

Get what you need, when you need it, wherever you are.

This is about more than reciting safety rules or shoveling piles of paperwork on you.
This is about bringing professionalism to construction and building up the people who build our communities.

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We will be rolling out this construction industry focused training solution soon!